Whiplash, Backlash, and Rose-Colored Classes


Have you seen Whiplash? J.K. Simmons is amazing and absolutely frightening as a jazz band instructor. Makes for great conversation with musicians especially.  I was in a studio here in Nashville on Tuesday with some pretty well known session guys, and asked if anyone had seen it. The answers ranged from No, and I dont want to, to "Not yet, but I willeventually. Im a little scared".

If you havent see it, here's a clip, youll get the flavor of it. The instructor/bandleader is looking for perfection, genius; to bring out a level of commitment players couldnt get to on their own no matter how driven. His method is what's in question. I know a few music folk who lead bands or sessions by intimidation, and Ive even seen it work. Dont think it would work for me, I like to think I can drive myself.


So the more interested I got, the more articles I came across from actual Jazz drummers who said they had never experienced anything like this guy but wouldnt respond to that type of "tough love". One went as far as to say creative people are hardwired...and most of the players he knows would have hit back big time! Check out what Peter Erskine had to say.

Rose Colored Classes

This led me to think about favorite teachers and the methods they used to inspire. I always come back to Mr. Rose, my high school Social Studies teacher at Maine Endwell High in upstate New York. Were talkin' late 60s, and there was change everywhere. Most of my teachers were old-school; some would throw you out daily with come back when you get a haircut!" Hard to imagine now.

 Mr Rose was younger than the rest of my teachers, as I remember. Might have even been growing his hair a bit over his ears but Im foggy on that one. What I do remember clearly is his outside-the-box approach to teaching. He had us pull our chairs out of the old row model and put em in a circle so we could all see each other. He talked with us, not at us. Learning became more fun and way more interesting. I must have responded because I definitely remember. 

Im coaching songwriters from all over the world these days and love it, but I constantly have to stay aware of the tools over rules idea. I try to engage and not outrage. I dont wanna be that guy.

So whos your Mr Rose? How did they inspire you in music and in life? Share your stories!


And Now...The Best Part!

P.S. Through Facebook, I came across Mr Rose. I call him Jim now but I haven't decided if Im comfortable with this new arrangement. Hes still teaching, so I asked him if he would give me his thoughts.  Here ya go! Thanks Mr.Rose...JIm!

Jim Rose iDoCoach Blog   

Jim Rose iDoCoach Blog


"Mark I've done a lot of thinking about what makes a good teacher. Hard to come up with a good explanation. Think about those teacher's you thought were good. Is there a single identifiable trait? I can't put my finger on just one or two. However, I can tell you what makes teaching good. First it's the look on the faces of the students. Not just the big smile but that look that says show me what you got. It's when the student is engaged and want's to challenge the ideas you present. What makes a good teacher is when, after 45 years, the student comes back to the teacher and remembers a lesson that has stayed with them all those years. Good teaching comes from preparation before, during and after the lesson. Very similar to when you performed, you would not walk on the stage without practice, rehearsal and a desire to bring a bonding with your music. Sorry I couldn't be more definitive but I could have give you a bunch of BS but you would have seen through that :-) Hope this helps!"  Jim Rose


Mark Cawley

Nashville, Tennesee

March 6th , 2015


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