Why am I sure my coaching can work for you?

There’s so much power in a well written song. Power to touch, power to teach, power to share, power to reach into someone else’s soul and show something they might not even know was hiding there until they connect with the emotion in a great song. My goal is to help you be a powerful songwriter.

Songwriters just like you are making huge leaps in their writing and artist paths through iDoCoach. Some have released independent albums and EPs, Some are getting cuts, others are getting their music out there through social media (a huge part of my coaching), and more and more are learning to co-write. Lot's have become winners of the most prestigious songwriting contests, they're understanding the world of publishing, effective demoing, a few are getting single song contacts , and a few have signed exclusive publishing deals. My clients come from all over the world, every genre of music, all walks of life and all levels of expertise. I don’t have a set curriculum but rather talk with you to see where you feel you’d like to focus and we simply go from there.

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I’ve spent my life working with fantastic, creative people. My songs have appeared on more than 16 million records to date with legendary artists like Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Chaka Kahn, Diana Ross, The Spice Girls, Billie Piper, Wynonna, and many more. You can check out the full story here. Along the way I’ve learned countless tools to improve creativity, overcome writer's block and burn out, stay inspired when the muse goes missing, social media presence, understand the music and publishing businesses, co-writing etiquette, deal with the pressures from inside and out, and even how to raise a family and keep my sanity in this business.

Please check my FAQ page to see just some of the things you can expect to cover in my sessions.

A Few Success Stories

From my home in Nashville, I'm coaching Anna Howe Thompson who’s 2019 Ep “An Idiots Guide To Love” is currently at #5 in the UK Country charts. My client David Corbell is now recording his debut EP with Eliot Kennedy and has not only played at the prestigious Wentworth Festival and London Pride main stage, he co-write the song “Stonewall” the theme to this years NYC event of the same name. Coaching 2015 ASA Winner Kayla Borg, 2017 Australian X Factor runner up Amalia Foy, best selling African recording artist Asa Bukloa, 2018 Hollywood Music and Media winner and 2018 UK Songwriting Contest lyric winner Susan Muranty and Australian writer Katie Hardyman who just won the 2018 Clouzine International Music Award for her song “Streets Of Morocco” as well as winning the Folk Division of the 2017 UK Songwriting Contest. Theres Lorenz Steigler who’s signing with German Jazz label GLM and his writing partner UK based Mick Evans, winner of the 2014 UK Songwriting Contest lyric prize. Mick has also landed 7 cuts in the past 2 years. Both are longtime clients. Nashville client Kim Ford's song "Over For Good" was the #1 song on the Absolutely Gospel chart for 4 consecutive weeks last Jan 19. Long time client Jayne Sachs from Ohio is a past winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, winner of the Best Country Song at the UK Songwriting Contest, 2015, best country song at the International Acoustic Music Awards, 2017 and has just signed an exclusive publishing deal in Nashville. DC Client Lea Morris won the 2017 Bernard Ebb Songwriting Contest and Nicole Wells from Portland won the 2013 Best Song at the West Coast Songwriters event. New York based Jessica Sirls has had a song included in a brand new project based on the lyrics of the legendary Fanny Crosby. Past Client Makayla Cononello has been writing with James Fauntleroy ( Justin Timberlake, Rihanna) and these are just a few of the growing list of success stories.

These stories are great and I’m proud of all of my clients but there’s more to this… it's about becoming a complete songwriter and I can help you get there.

So look around, check out the discography, read some of my blogs and see what clients and industry pros like 19 Entertainment, Sting's producer Kipper, Tony and Grammy winner Brenda Russell, Hall Of Fame songwriter Kye Fleming and past Grammy, Ivor Novello, and Golden Globe winners have to say. When you're ready to get started just click Sign Up!. Still not sure and would like to ask me a question or two? Click here!

My first book, based on my coaching and life as a songwriter, was released April 2nd, 2019 through Lioncrest Publishing . In it’s first week became the #1 songwriting book in 6 categories on Amazon. It’s titled “Song Journey” A hit songwriters guide through the process, the perils and the payoff of writing songs for a living. Also my book was just chosen as one of the top 8 books written by entrepreneurs to help you find motivation by INC magazine

See what both clients and industry pros have to say about iDoCoach.

It's more than just writing better songs, it's about becoming a complete songwriter.

Check out some of the things you can expect to cover in my sessions.

These clips are a brief look at just some of the subjects that I cover in my coaching. 

I've spent my life working with fantastic, creative people. Check out the full story here!

Sign-up is super easy. Sessions are individualized to help you focus on the areas you feel need the most work.

It’s rare to meet a songwriter with a proven track record of writing hit songs who also has the gift of being able to articulate to others the techniques behind the hits. Mark Cawley’s ability as a songwriter is purely inspirational and his selfless and almost zen-like approach to coaching others makes him one in a million. The workshop he did for us in London blew everyone away, especially me! A font of priceless knowledge and one of life’s good guys!
— Martin Sutton, The Songwriting Academy, London, England