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Please Release Me!

Most songwriters, if theyve been around long enough, have the one that got awaystories. These are worse than the they put my song on hold but…” stories. These are the ones where you end the call from your publisher and start shopping. At least in your mind. Your song was on hold, actually got cut, made the final running order. And that's where the old phrase it ain't final til its vinylcame from.

Before I get to mine, I have to give you the worst one Ive heard over the years. A writer here in Nashville wrote a song that got to a major artist of the day. The artist loved it. Cut it, talked about it as a sure first single and even the eventual title song. The writer was beyond excited, told everyone they knew, and God only knows what else they did. Release day comes, the writer runs to Tower Records (hey, its an old story!) picks up the album, flips it over, reads through the list of songs and--their song isnt there.

Read it again because the mind can play tricks. Still, nowhere to be seen. Until the writer flips the album back over to the cover. There it is. It is the title of the album, but not actually on the album. Enough to make any writer cry 96 tears.

Spice Up My Life

I started thinking about these songs this morning when I noticed a CNN headline about four brand-new 'leaked' Spice Girl songs. The more I Googled, the bigger it got. The story was everywhere and the four songs where featured in most of the articles. Two were co-writes of mine from time I spent in England writing with four of the Girls and Eliot Kennedy; A Day in Your Lifeand Pain Proof. Like opening a time vault. Brought back some great memories of that trip, including hanging with David Beckham in the studio kitchen most mornings. It was easy to see why they got so huge by being around them for the first few hours. A real force of nature. What a buzz! But in the end, neither song made it.

Another one was a song called Dare You To Love Me, written with my great friend Brenda Russell and Eric Mercury, and recorded by Chaka Khan. It was cut, a probable first single, and the title of the album. Im counting my money! Then Chaka has a fight with the label...and leaves. The record goes unreleased. Shes talking about re-cutting it this year and you can find both the song and album cover online.

More Wy-ning

I also have a unique history of this phenomenon with Wynonna Judd, whos cut at least 3 of my songs over the years. For her albumRevelationsshe held a song called Cant Stop My Heart. Seemed perfect for her coming off a huge debut album. Everybody loved it, high-fives all around! I bought a new Toyota 4-wheel. At the 11th hour...no cut. This one has a happy ending because totally unbeknownst to me, she had cut a another song of mine called My Angel Is Here. It made it, and my heart started again!

Wy cut a few more, including one of my favorites, I Am Strong. I thought this was the perfect fit, and so did everyone else. It made the final cut, went to mastering and...a decision was made to leave it off. The rumor was that her husband at the time thought it made him appear weak. She later dumped the husband, but I wish shed done that a bit earlier.

I could go on: Ronan Keating, Peter Cox (one of my favorite singers), Glenn Tilbrook, Bonnie Raitt, Luther Vandross, Faith Hill; songs for Disney movies, new artists, old artists, and even one who passed away before recording the vocal to my song. Roy Orbsion. That one hurt on every level. Dont feel bad for me, though. Lots did get cut and actually make the record. But the ones that got away have a special place for all of us who do this long enough: in a folder somewhere in our iTunes library. 

We keep hoping the vaults will open and out theyll come--like today. Spiced up my life for a bit!


Mark Cawley

Nashville, Tennessee

Feb 17, 2015

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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