Acknowledging The Ones Behind Your Song

iDoCoach Blog 20/11/18

iDoCoach Blog 20/11/18

Take stock

It’s Thanksgiving time again here in the US. Time to take stock. I could talk about all the things I’m thankful for but this is a songwriting blog so I’ll stay on point. You’re a songwriter and I’m guessing no matter where you are on this creative journey you haven’t traveled alone. You’ve had friends, loved ones, husbands, wives, maybe even kids and all manner of family riding along. Maybe you’re at a point where you have co-writers, band mates, teachers, industry friends, maybe even a publisher helping you, encouraging you to “just write.”

You need them all. Writing can seem like a solitary thing, spending all that time in your head and it can also get a little lonely in there. This is where those folks come in. 

”Some have gone and some remain”

I’ve just finished writing my first book. It’s called “Song Journey “ and will be released in the first quarter of 2019. It’s based on the coaching I do with songwriters  around the world and it’s very story driven. Writing those stories brought back some ghosts. I’ve been doing this a long time so there are bound to be those people who are long gone from my day to day memory but  bringing them back through writing the book has been an exercise in thankfulness. I’m grateful for every one of those fellow travelers I mentioned, from the guys I played in garage bands with to the family members who suffered through those early, awful attempts at songwriting to the co-writers who helped me actually get better at this thing. Too many to mention and too many to thank for me and I hope for you too.

Make your own list

I’m gonna recommend a way to bring these people to life in your memory. Think about your own life as a book, sit down and write the acknowledgment section…today. Don’t think too hard, there will be the obvious ones but your subconscious will open up another contact book as you go. Take as long as you need to make this list of people who have helped you get to where you are on your path as a songwriter. Take some time to reflect on each one. It’s amazing the memories that will flood over you and the realization that even though you might feel you’ve been coming up with all these ideas and songs on your own, you’ve had help. A whole lot of help. 

You’ve been on your own song journey and now’s a great time to give thanks to all your guides.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Mark Cawley

Nashville, Tennessee

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Mark Cawley iDoCoach

Mark Cawley iDoCoach

Mark Cawley is a hit U.S. songwriter and musician who coaches other writers and artists to reach their creative and professional goals through During his decades in the music business he has procured a long list of cuts with legendary artists ranging from Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan and Diana Ross to Wynonna Judd, Kathy Mattea, Russ Taff, Paul Carrack, Will Downing, Tom Scott, Billie Piper, Pop Idol winners and The Spice Girls. To date his songs have been on more than 16 million records. . He is also a judge for Nashville Rising Star, a contributing author to  USA Songwriting Competition, Songwriter Magazine, sponsor for the Australian Songwriting Association, judge for Belmont University's Commercial Music program and West Coast Songwriter events , Mentor for The Songwriting Academy UK, a popular blogger and, from time to time, conducts his own workshops including ASCAP, BMI and Sweetwater Sound. Born and raised in Syracuse, NY, Mark has also lived in Boston, L.A., Indianapolis, London, and the last 23 years in Nashville, TN. Mark is in the process of writing his first book to be released in early 2019 based on his coaching and adventures in songwriting.