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I was part of a songwriting panel a few years back that included an A&R guy. Eventually, the info turned to Q&A with one writer asking about the importance of a good title. The A&R guy shared a scenario about looking for a song for an established artist. He explained the process, and mentioned the 50+ songs currently on his desk.

The process starts with a call to the writers who have written this artist's past hits, followed by a call to the hot writers of the day. Somewhere in between come the songs written by various writers signed to publishing companies owned by the artist or producer; and of course, the songs co-written by the artist. Because the artist is no fool.

After all this, maybe (just maybe), there's room for one outside song, something no one else has come up with. Something so unique it not only hasnt been written but it hasnt been imagined. THIS is the unsigned songwriter's best chance.

The Title

Keep in mind our guy is looking for a hit singleonly a hit single. It's a minor miracle the unsigned writer's song has actually made it to the desk--but that's another blog! Sothe A&R guy's time is valuable, and no way hes going to make it through all these songs. Now to his big point: if he looks over the pile and spies a song called So In Love and another titled I Killed My Ex With His Own Axe, which one gets his attention? You guessed it.

At this point, more than a few writers in the audience got a bit P.O.'d. But what if the lovesong is the best one ever? Does every title need to be a gimmick? (And of course),This is so unfair! Hes gonna play the "axe" song at least through the first chorus, just because he wants to know how the writer is going to pull this title off. Its intriguing! Same with book titles, movie titles, and on and on. The object is to get you to open the book, see the moviepull you in.

You can find a million examples of hit songs with basic and even boring titles, but if were talking about the first-time unsigned writer, the odds go way up with an interesting title.

The Concept

Doesn't stop there, obviously. Youll need a concept (or two). One of the biggest country hits this year is the song Girl Crush by Little Big Town. The title was so hot you wanted to hear this idea, but the writer's concept was different than the one your brain probably went to. In the wrong hands, the title could have been a one trick pony; instead it becomes a great lyric about jealousy.

Back to the 'axe' song. What if our guy gets to the chorus and finds the axe is really slang word guitar? You can groan here, but hey, its a concept. It's more unique than your first impression, and unique is what youre after.

The Big Idea

Ive written lots of songs' titles first, followed by chorus, followed by fill in the details. Its only one way to conceive of your song...but its one proven concept and a great idea!

Check out this link to the writers of Girl Crush talking about the song's creation.

Mark Cawley

Nashville, Tennessee

July 28. 2015

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Mark Cawley of iDoCoach 

Mark Cawley of iDoCoach 

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