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Jam Camp

Until last week, I almost forgot how much I like talking with kids. (I never know when to make the leap from calling them kids to young adults but they were ages 13 to 19. To me theyre kids).

This was at a school named Ensworth in Williamson County, Tennessee for a function called Jam Camp. It's put on in part by Laura Hill (wife of one of the best songwriters I know, Ed Hill) and is a 2 week long camp for gifted musicians. I was invited to be a speaker at the end of week one.

Sowalking in the door Im greeted by young musicians with guitars, keyboards, and basses. One bass player even asked me if I knew Pino Pallidino, which I do. Cant believe he knew who he was! I love it! Berklee School of Music presented after I did. It was kind of ironic since I was quoting from John Mayer's Berklee series on Youtube and was (briefly) enrolled there myself in 1970.

I was introduced and found myself in front of something like 125 young adults. Handheld mic, big stage, auditorium...just me. Here's where you have to be careful. Being funny in my mind and being funny in theirs could be two very different things. Showed 'em a picture of me at 17 just to prove I really was thier age once. Think I scared them. What does connect, though, are stories. Their response was great. How did you do this? How did you feel about this? What do you when this happened? Lot's of great questions.

at 17

at 17

The Future

Every time I do this kind of thing it reinforces my faith in the future of music. These folks were there to get better. To connect and network. They represent the future and respect the past. Let's be honest...they are the future. Listen to country music now; it's basically a mashup of classic county, rock, hip-hop, and everything a 20 something grew up on. Makes perfect sense! As a side note, I really love the term "Hick-Hop" to describe the mix of urban and country going on now.

What did I tell them?

Dont write in a vacuum. Music is for the listener. If you dont do something well, find someone who does and connect. Co-write but still keep your vision. Don't have a plan B or you'll proabably end up in plan B, might be hearing from a few parents this week:-) Learn the language. Even if you dont love a particular style of music you can respect it. You never know when it will make it into a project youre working on. Go have some adventures, live to be able to have something to write about.

I spent a few years working with Steelworks, sort of a modern day Motown in Sheffield, England. Artists like the Spice Girls, 5ive, and Ronan Keating would come in and pick your brain. Have you ever heard of the Temptations? Dave Clark Five? Otis Redding? Sam Cooke? Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. Pass it on.

Even though music is in a weird phase right now for writers, I have faith in the kids to take the past into the future and make it better. Now if we could just find a young John, George, Paul and Ringo...

Mark Cawley


Nashville, Tennessee

Mark's songwriting presentation  at Ensworth, Franklin Tennessee

Mark's songwriting presentation  at Ensworth, Franklin Tennessee

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