Songwriting: Like A Six Year Old With A Six String

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The Adult

If youre anything like me, Im guessing the adult editor in you can really kick your butt from time to time.

Lots of different terms for this guy, but I think of him as the one looking over your shoulder and whispering things like No one is ever gonna cut this, Bad idea, and my favorite: You have no business in this business"!

Almost every writer or artist I coach has mentioned this. Might be called writer's block, the well's dry, whatever. How do you get past it?

The Kid

Years ago a friend of mine described me during a session as a six-year-old with a six string. Ill take that. Anything to get to the place of just having fun writing. Sure it gets more serious at some point. You have to have a seamless lyric, a great melody, some structure, and more; but you know what? It all starts with throwing all that out and just having fun.

A six-year-old will take every crayon you give them and just create. Im always trying to get back to that mentality. A six-year-old is fearless. I want to be fearless when I write. A six-year-old has no editor. I want to have no editor when I start to write. A six-year-old doesnt care who likes it, wholl buy it, what will someone think of their talent, how far will this take them, if this new creation will pay the mortgage. Nope. Its all FUN!

The Deal

Sure were adults and all this will creep in and creep us out from time to time. But the ability to just get started like that inner kid is the deal. Might be why it's called "playing" guitar.

Here's to the six-year-old with a six string in all of ushave fun!


Mark Cawley

Nashville, TN


Image: Wikimedia Commons

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