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Ive been coaching writers and artists from all over the world for over three years now. One-on-one, almost entirely by Skype. Before I agree to coach someone I ask a few basic questions, like Why do you want to do this?" Its all about expectations but its also to find out more about their heart. Some people say you cant teach this stuff. I disagree, but I'm positive you cant teach the heart part. Its so hard that you have to want to do it more than anything else in the world. You have to be built to do this! Able to play like a kid and still be able to handle rejection. Able to think you still have your best work in front of you when it gets a bit dark. The highest highs and the lowest lows...sometimes in the same day.

Of course I get some writers whose goal is to make 100k at a staff job in Nashville or L.A. or London. If that's the main reason to write its gonna be a rough road. I wont go into how the model has changed over the past 10 years, youve probably heard that before. Can you still crack this business? Sure. But it may look different. Maybe a single song deal instead of a bigger commitment. Maybe you have to be your own plugger, social media person, and artist development guy. More and more to it these days but it can be done.

It still has to start with the heart.

It might sound familiar but I think its true! If you cant not write, youre a writer. If you live to write that's a good enough reason to do this.

What Ive been learning these past few years is that this thing we do has no boundaries. I coach a writer in Singapore with the same goals as a singer/songwriter in Dayton Ohio. I have young artists and 60-year-old doctors; teachers and students, 15 year old piano prodigies, and 45-year-old physical therapists. All looking for ways to write better, clearer. To be heard. Sure we discuss the current marketplace but we also spend time talking about the mindset of a songwriter. 

Here's what Ive grown to love:

The heart of a songwriter. Some of these folks Im coaching may never get a song cut and may never make their living from this--and they know it. Hope springs eternal and that's enough. Hope is HUGE! I have to confess here that over the years when Ive had major publishing deals and some success, the heart and the head could get confused. But talking with my clients every day I come away inspired and more convinced than ever that to be able to put your thoughts into words and set to music is a gift. You can teach the craft and the ways to make your gift recognizable, but in the end its all about heart. All the information you get as a writer is just that: information. Turn it into inspiration and you get to the heart of songwriting.

A big thanks to John Mayer and his series of talks at Berklee for the inspiration. Heres a link to a past blog I wrote about his insight.


Mark Cawley

Nashville, Tennessee



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