Social Media For Songwriters Video: First Steps

This video blog deals with the value of creating a Facebook page. This is separate from a regular Facebook presence; this is all about connecting you and your music to tons of resources. It's free and it works. This is by no means news to songwriters and musicians but there is still a bit of resistance from some about it's value and thinking it's more dificult to get started than it really is.

 As with all social media you can expect to get out of it what you put in to it but with consistency and care you can open up a new world for your songwriting.

This topic never fails to start some heated discussion among writers and music folk, what’s your view?




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A couple links to the books mentioned in my video.

"Platform" by Michael Hyatt

"Tribes" by Seth Goden



Dedicating all my blogs this year to the memory of John Braheny. I still ask every songwriter or artist I coach to pick up his book before we start talking. 

There is also a college scholarship in John's name, through the California Copyright Conference (John was a past president)'s the link: