Guest Blog: Songwriter Sam Mizell And The Band Perry

This new guest blog is from my friend Sam Mizell. A little bit of background first: Sam has earned two Dove awards, seven number one singles, and numerous ASCAP and BMI awards. His radio single, The Motions was 14 weeks at #1 AC radio for Matthew West (who co-wrote the song) and received a Grammy Award nomination. Fantastic singer, keyboard player, husband, father, and a seriously talented writer. I love what he's doing now with The Mizells Band. I was always thankful for the Montecristos on his return trip from England! Check out the video for Dandelion.

From Sam: 

Sam  Mizell

Sam  Mizell

The right thing to do...

I've been a songwriter all my life...and professionally for about 15 years. When I first started someone gave me this advice: ALWAYS bring your A game. That's my secret besides being  irresistibly handsome:-) ( sarcasm) I showed up and gave my A- game no matter who else was in the room.

You see, I remember about 10 years ago there was this girl named Kim. She was trying to get a Christian deal at Word Records. I was in the cattle call of writers to write a "hit" song for this new artist. I gave my absolute best to an unknown, indie, later rejected, unsigned artist. 

Forward 10 years. I get this phone call that Kim was gonna cut that song on her sophomore record with The Band Perry.Yep. Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry. Did I have to pinch myself? Yes. Did I dance and scream? Yes! Did I praise God? Yes! In 2004 I gave my best.

In 2013 a little unknown (later to be world famous) group cut that song! You can buy it on the Pioneer Target Edition (hint, hint).

Never, and I mean NEVER let anything (politics, money, ego, whatever) keep you from showing up and giving 100%. That little unknown artist may just be the next Kimberly Perry!

Currently I'm touring with my wife playing all over the place. Check out our website,

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Sam Mizell

Thompson Station



Dedicating all my blogs this year to the memory of John Braheny. I still ask every songwriter or artist I coach to pick up his book before we start talking. 

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