A Songwriters Guide To Divine Inspiration

It’s Good Friday today, Easter is just around the corner. I grew up Catholic like an awful lot of songwriters and comedians I know. Something in the Holy Water I guess.

I’ve been coaching songwriters and artists now for about a year, some Catholic, some Jewish, some Protestant, some Independent Christians like myself these days, some worship Steven Tyler..one thing we have in common…we’re all looking for divine inspiration.

No matter what you call it or where you get it or who you pray to for it…we all hope to be touched by an angel and given a gift. If you’ve been writing long enough you’ve had one of these. Feels like the universe tapped you, gave you a melody, a line, a lyric, a groove or my favorite..a fully developed “Yesterday” just missing the title.

This is the best but ..what do you do in between the bolts of lightning? I think this is what separates the ones writing for a living and the ones who want to. Every writer I’ve ever worked with who’s been a writer and not a waiter/writer has their antenna up. Always looking for a line or an idea. I’m not knocking people who have to have a day job, I’m just encouraging them to think of themselves the same way a full time writer does. Keep the antenna up, all the time. Every conversation, meeting, TV show, book and movie, you’re looking for ideas.

You’re open to a miracle but you’re doing your part. You’re digging for those times when you need inspiration and the clouds are closed. The best part is, if you’ve learned your craft, you’re ready when it hits!