Who Supported You?

Hazel and Mark Cawley

Hazel and Mark Cawley

Today my mother, Hazel, turned 95. NINE-TY….. FI–VE!!

She had been living on her own up until October of this year but is now in a nursing home. My Dad has been gone almost 21 years.She has been sharing more and more memories with me each time I visit her.

Our conversations get me thinking about a bunch of things but today I’m remembering a woman younger than I am now, sitting in the car for four hours while her son played a gig.The car usually had a U haul attached with room for a real Hammond B3 and the rest of my band’s gear. I remember looking out and seeing her reading by flashlight, spending countless Friday and Saturday nights this way. She felt it was better to pitch in and support me than to wonder what I was doing and who I was doing it with. I probably couldn’t wait to be old enough to drive myself to the gig and not have to let someone know just how uncool ( and young!) I was. My MOM was outside… waiting!!

She and my Dad both supported me all the way with music. Welcomed every long haired friend I brought home , gave up the basement, the garage and the fridge . Some even came to live with us for awhile. Their music might have been Frankie and Lawrence Welk but they surrendered the turntable to The Beatles, The Stones and Motown.My dream was their dream back then and I will always be grateful.

Take a minute and tell me who encouraged you. I’d love to hear your stories…. and wish Hazel a happy birthday while you’re here.

Photo taken on her 95th Birthday, Columbia Tennessee