What Drives Your Songwriting?

Kye Fleming and Mark Cawley

Kye Fleming and Mark Cawley

Spent the afternoon yesterday with my old friend, Kye Fleming. We have a history of co-writing and even though it’s been a few years since we’ve written together our conversation always comes around to why it worked so well for us. It was always easy for us but it was more than that. We shared the same spirit when it came to songwriting..it’s meant to be fun!

Sure you need to have drive to get in the position of getting your songs heard but letting go of the wheel when you write and just seeing where the journey takes you is the deal. Those are the trips we remembered

I talk with more and more writers these days who approach writing like the Dad in the vacation from hell type stories. All about the destination. Plan out every detail, quickest and most predictable route, no unscheduled pit stops, hold it as long as you can (ok maybe that was just my memory) God forbid we get lost and let’s just get there safe and sound.

Safe and sound scares me. I’ve written my share of safe and sound songs over the years but I can’t remember them. I remember every one where I just got lost.

In coaching writers and artists these days I’m hoping I can help ‘ em learn to drive then  throw away the map, roll the windows down and enjoy the ride.

Whether you write on your own or with co-writers I hope you have so much fun that you look up and realize you got there but don’t know how.

P.S.  Kye is in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame and … still has the coolest cars :-)